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I've never worked somewhere that sells prepackaged food, but I've got to believe that they make an employee throw out all of the food that's "expired." If I was the one charged with such a task, I'd be aware that the so-called "expiration dates" are merely suggestions, and that food can and does last longer than companies sometimes claim. Rest assured that I would have an impressive stockpile of aging yet deliciously free food if ever given the opportunity.

Speaking of free food, it's pretty absurd that food costs money to begin with. It's perfectly reasonable for specialty foods to cost money; such products may be difficult to grow, or hard to find, or just especially tasty. But I think it's the duty of all modern governments to meet the basic needs of its people, and those who are hungry should always be presented with a way to obtain nutrition. Even if it's just bread and water, a government should sustain its people. Food stamps are a nice effort but, based on my complete lack of knowledge concerning their usefulness (except that they don't buy diapers - thanks Eminem), they really aren't sufficient.

I know I'd be willing to pay increased taxes if it meant that more people could sit around all day without working.

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