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www.xfire.comSo here it is, 3:30 PM on a Friday, and the helpless addicts of World of Warcraft have already logged 8,001,164 minutes of gameplay today - and those are just the ones who have Xfire. Compare that to players of Battlefield 2, who have logged 1,321,736. But that's not the most interesting fact here. There are two things that are more interesting:

  1. Battlefield 2 is still doing far better than the newer, dumber, Battlefield 2142. I'm boycotting that least for as long as I can. Maybe it will spur DICE on to Battlefield 3.
  2. Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer has been more successful (according to these numbers, and at least for today) than most other games, which is totally ludicrous. That game sucks horribly.

How do crappy games gain such a following? Despite having poor gameplay mechanics, little to no environment interaction, and nonexistent support for tactical gameplay, COD2 is running rampant. This isn't just for today either, because I've checked Xfire's site for a while now and frequently seen it in the top several games. All of those hours logged by the WOW players seem far more justifiable when you consider the depth of gameplay and the overall addictiveness involved. It's a good thing BF2142 is floundering, but it's still being played by someone. This is troublesome because if people keep playing stupid games, designers will be less and less likely to put out anything good.

I don't even want to think about how many kids are playing Barbie Horse Adventures right now...throw a Harvest Moon their way and they'll learn the value of hard work, counting skills, financial planning, social intricacies, gift giving, time management, land use, and even a little poker and blackjack. Now that's fun and useful. Not all games have to be educational, but it pisses me off when companies just pump out unpolished projects in order to cash in on the latest popular name. This is particularly true for portable systems...look at all the reviews for GBA games at IGN. Sort by rating and you see dozens of games with dismal scores, and with good reason. And parents are going to buy this garbage for their kids, just because they like the picture on the box. There should be a law against things like this.

But my point was that crappy games shouldn't be supported. At least we can always rely on Tards Software and Mailman for some good, wholesome entertainment.

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  1. I think people just like bright colors and movement. At least. Thats what gets me addicted to video games. I think the developers are all about putting forth quality games, I just dont think their financial support cares so much as long as they can make profit. If thats paying 2 programmers for a month of work to get something that they can make a couple hundred dollars off of, then they would probably do it. That rock em sock em robots looks pretty kick ass.!

  2. yeah, but how many hours has halo logged thats the best game ever.

  3. Halo for the PC hasnt logged any significant amount of hours on Xfire, as indicated by the table.

  4. yeah, but what about xbox live

  5. Well Halo wasnt on Xbox Live, but Im sure Halo 2 has logged many hours of gameplay. But its a pretty good game, so I dont really have a problem with that.

    Even if its not as good as the original Halo.

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