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ambulance_crash.jpgIf an ambulance is driving to an injured person and, through its reckless driving, it causes an accident, is it then obligated to stay and help the newly-injured, or is it bound to help the person to whom it was originally traveling? Confounding.

It would seem that getting a speeding ticket on your way to work is the equivalent of breaking both your legs on the way to the electric chair, and being forced to drag yourself to your death.

With those two interesting tidbits proposed, today the people at Wendy's managed to lock the door accidentally (yes, this is the second time this week I've eaten there). This might not have been so bad except that they didn't know how to unlock it. In the course of about fifteen minutes, dozens of people came up to that door and were dumbfounded, until an employee finally went outside (through the other door) and put up a sign. It was amusing, to say the least, to watch the people who struggled so hard to get in the door (and fail) later struggle to exit the same door, only to become exasperated and complain to employees. What an absolutely ridiculous situation.

(image: bbc)

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  1. the ambulance has a prior obligation to the injured person it was originally called to rescue. however the paramedics will call a second ambulance to teh scene of teh new accedent. allowing about the same amount of time for pickup in both situations. and, U are a fag.

  2. i know, took me a while to come up with it. cumstain

  3. This is a far cry from your previous praise of my awesomeness, which I greatly preferred. And, youre a moron.

  4. thats a completely different thread. so it dosent count. oh, and smoke my cock.

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