oh sloth, i envy thee

Posted on October 2, 2006

Sloths are brilliant. Who wouldn't want to hang upside down all the time, eating and moving slowly? Who wouldn't want to have just two or three toes? And most importantly, who wouldn't want to have his internal organs rearranged to facilitate his inverted lifestyle?

In the trees, sloths eat, sleep, mate, and give birth upside down. Since sloths spend most of their life upside down, their internal organs are in different positions from other mammals. Their liver, spleen, and pancreas have moved 135 degrees downward.


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  1. yeah thats not even true. i dont care how many crappy websites you can site. im goign to write an article on how we never went to the moon and site the hell out of it.

  2. you just know that poor fucker in the pic there is about to get run the fuck over by some old woman going 5 mph in a 60.

    PS. i half expected tab to take me to the name box. o wait.

  3. Youre an idiot.

    Its cite.

  4. yeah thats not even a word either.

  5. guess what fucking sucks? the way i have to RE PUT IN MY NAME EVERY TIME. . also, is it just me, or is that fucking picture scary looking? he looks like a mutant baby (mutated into something with hideous claws and fur) that is somehow paralyzed (presumably after being shot by a non-mutant video-game lead-character) but is still crawling after said hero, trying to eat his (or her, as is the trend in recent horror games) spleen. and smiling about it.

  6. I think he looks like an old man.

    Cookies dont work? I dont have any problems. Does it work in either Internet Explorer or Firefox?

  7. Mother fucker is smiling at me.

  8. i still cannot believe how fucking scary that picture is.

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