no sarcasm intended

You know, Im actually somewhat glad the Democrats have taken control of the legislative arm of our government. If nothing else, this will shut some people up and allow different people to come under fire. Of course, criticism wont be as harsh now. I wont make any presumptions about what might happen in the Middle East now, but I eagerly await to hear something a little more productive than its time for change an actual course of action would be nice to hear, or, better yet, see (cant have it all though, right?).

Of course, no one cares about politics, but Ive got to tip my cap to the Dutch for their utter disregard for reason when it comes to their handling of religion. Holland is putting forth legislation to ban the burqa, the thing Muslim women wear to cover their faces. This completely unnecessary discrimination is pretty much as ballsy as you can get and seems designed purely to piss off some already pretty angry people. Theyre doing the world a service, and Im sure theyll be much safer from extremists when they can see the faces of those women. How could this possibly backfire?

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