new battlefieldbut why?

Well now that Battlefield 2's been out almost a year and seen an expansion pack and a "booster pack" (along with another booster pack scheduled), DICE has already announced Battlefield 2142. The new game will use the existing BF2 graphics engine and be set (obviously) in the future. It's set to be released Fall 2006. Read more here.

Now, I'm just a little upset about this. First of all, there are plenty of things that still need to be fixed about BF2. Also, BF2 has been quite successful (despite its flaws) and a new product this soon will undoubtedly halt all support of BF2 (as Vietnam did for 1942). Finally, futuristic games just have a tendency to suck. Take Planetside, for example. Halo pulled it off - Halo 2 didn't. Battlefield 2142 won't. I don't see this game as being nearly as fun and it'll probably end up being detrimental to their current success.

Oh but doesn't it look cool!


(image: ign)

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  1. why!!! battlefield only disappoints you!

  2. Yeah, and a new one would be only more disappointing.

  3. welcome to the (past) life of trey, tim, myself, and possibly andrew. why make an eq2 when there is so much wrong with eq1? nobody knows. wow = gay.

  4. well when i hit 4 star general in bf2 ill get 2142

  5. Terrible. Just terrible.

  6. I think youre right, wee. Play till you get the highest rank, then move on. Dont make them force you.

  7. Pete yorns new one For us checks it out.

  8. How did you find that before me? I checked that site probably five times yesterday.

    The Internet connection here is so crappy, I cant even stream that music without having it pause every 10 seconds or so. How bad is that?

  9. [quote = Lauren]World Peace!!![/quote]

    fucking tree hugger

  10. halo and halo 2 PWNED >> halo 2 pulled it off like hell it was way better then the first

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