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milk.jpgI had a dream the other night which renewed my hatred of police officers. For some reason, one of my friends was driving my new 4Runner (for privacy's sake, we'll just call him Tim H.). So Tim H. pulled up to a red light, preparing to turn right. It was late, and there were very few cars, so he didn't come to a complete stop before turning right, and a cop came out of nowhere and busted him. He said it was a $70 ticket, but it was completely bogus. One should definitely get away with yielding when turning right into traffic, especially when there is no traffic.

It was just a dream, but I feel like it happened, and I hate cops more for it.

Additionally, burps taste extremely bad after milk and Cheerios.

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  1. milk and cereal milk and cereal cereal and milk cereal and milk

  2. my dreams last night were about how my dandruff flakes were the size of handguns. not kidding.

  3. Disturbing! And yet, strangely arousing

  4. mmm bf2 i think ive just finished a game with the best score ever recorded

    and none of you can touch it

  5. -100 i bet youve never scored that ha!

  6. Wowyoure right. Ive gotten in the -30s before, but it was probably unranked. I got to about -15 one time before coming back and ending up with a positive score. Walt saw it (but probably wont remember) I was tking this guy like crazy on Sharqi.

  7. yea i got in one of those big machine guns and about five guys decided to run in where i was shooting so that it killed all of them, then as if that wasnt enough i throw a grenade and two more friendlys walk over it. After alot of frustration, bruises and broken things i decided my team was not going to win and my score was gone.

  8. Ha, so how much of that -100 was actually unintentional?

  9. haha about -6 and then anger took over and i got a tank.

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