lou rawls has nothing on him

hope.jpgSome songs just beg for a music video. Some people are too lazy to take the time needed to make an adequate video, however, so I have taken it upon myself to spend many, many hours crafting a professional-quality music video for this particular song from Andrew Calhoun. The interpretation is quite literal, but the dedication at the end is purely my own.

Without further ado, you may download the video here (1.5 MB).

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  1. ill stand on your windpipe, where the red trees grow talls.

  2. hahahhahahahhahahah

  3. the windpipe part was by far the best

  4. ok havent been here in a whikle and i have to say im glad i decided to look in again cuz that was amazing

  5. :) Thanks! I try. Stop by more often!

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