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It's disturbing to me that the more crucial your job is for survival, the less money you'll make for it. On one end, you have the farmers who grow our food. Without them, we'd be screwed, and they only make about $16,000/year (on average). Waste collectors, an undeniably useful position, make an average of $24,000/year. Then you have teachers, who are vital to our survival by preparing us for jobs. They make an average of $46,000/year.

Let's jump up to the upper echelon of society, and those who are certainly not necessary for our continued existence. Julia Roberts, whose mouth is far too large for her to be classified as Homo sapiens, makes $20 million/movie. Worth every penny. Then there are athletes like Terrell Owens who make $25 million to play sixteen football games. By contrast, a general physician "only" makes about $150,000/year three years out of med school.

What's wrong with this society? Shouldn't we all sit down and rethink the importance of the various vocations, then reassign mean salaries based on the determined importance? Entertainment is certainly important, but it is no more important than our food supply or health care.

Of course, if I could make $25 million a year playing a sport, I would. Instead, I'll spend years and years going to school and straining to make a fraction of that, and then complain about those who are better than me on my website. Such is life.

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  1. Arent we all looking over the man who vacuums excrement out of the porta-johns? A solution is for him to pump this excrement into the mouth of julia roberts, making her fill up like a baloon. She pops, right? Then all her money(which has been conveniently stowed away in a pocket rains down into the hands of the needy (me).

  2. It wouldnt be nearly as bad, if more pro sports players did what Pujols does (or at least I hears he gives a lot of his money to charity.) But most spend it on 15 cars, a mansion, and 4 summer homes in the French Riviera. I am making 8 dollars an hour, and my job is completely worthless. So its not completely backwards.


    PS. I liked the anti-spam thing before the add comment. I forget to do it sometimes, since I dont see it some times.

  4. what? are you saying the add comment button used to be after the anti-spam section?

    i dont know how that works because im always logged in.

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