high balls and low blows

coconutpete.jpgI dont know why I keep feeding you guys absolute gold when you refuse to comment, but I have a special treat: the album art of three of Coconut Petes albums. Its pretty crappy, but it still took me a while to put together (they never had shots of the whole albums at least not very large). So, behold:

Sea Shanties and Wet Panties (Front) Sea Shanties and Wet Panties (Back) Sea Shanties and Wet Panties

Hope They Have Hammocks in Heaven Hope They Got Hammocks in Heaven

Spanish Fly Fisherman Spanish Fly Fisherman

Apparently Jimmy Buffett actually received a private screening of the movie, and he enjoyed it enough to want to play some of Coconut Petes songs. Id like to hear recordings of those, but Ill stick with Pete for now (be sure to read the titles of the other songs that didnt make it into the movie, on the back cover above).

(images taken from the movie, by me, except the top one, which i wont accredit)

7 thoughts on high balls and low blows

  1. I would love to get the artwork on posters. What a classic. Great job on this. Tits up!!!

  2. cool. really cool. not crappy at all. too bad not everybody is as enthusiastic about your work as i am. Actually, thats ok, im glad i dont have to share something special like this with every duesch bag thats seen the movie and doesnt even know who broken lizard is, or hasnt seen puddle cruiser(the best worst movie ever). i walk around humming coco pete songs all the time. well a bit of a rant, but hopefully it makes up for some lack of comments. your right, its gold. thank you!

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