fun in the parking lot

A fun game to play when you've got a little time on your hands is to wander around a crowded parking lot, getting cars to follow you to your parking spot, thinking you're leaving. If you're feeling particularly cruel, you can even get in your car, start the engine, and put it in reverse for a second, only to quickly turn off the engine and get back out. Now I would never do anything like this myself, but I imagine it could go pretty far toward pissing off some people who are already late for class.

On another parking-related note, it seems to me like handicapped people don't do much driving. I'm not saying this to be mean to the handicapped people - I'm simply saying that the vast majority of handicapped parking spots I've seen have been empty. I'm not going to say anything to further irk these unfortunate people, so I'll just leave it at this: use it or lose it. :)

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  1. i went to a party the other night and had to find a parking spot off of the street. i drive by a sign that says LCB in front of a housing complex and parking lot thats completely empty i felt bad for a second and then realized that it was the center for the blindand then i laughed out loud at the person tapping down the street. so i walk up to him and immediately push him over, crap on his head and tell him that if he ever walks past me again without making eye contact, ill kill his family.

  2. What an absolutely horrible, pitiful, and hilarious story.

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