crap, art!

My esteemed colleague has pointed out the diversity and artistic merit of human feces. Why, he posits, should not proper respect and honor be granted to our leavings? One can influence the outcome through diet and even craft it in the bowl. The full spectrum of colors, odors, sizes, shapes There should be exhibits of this stuff.


On another note, the Creeper Lagoon album is clearly a throwback to some of their earlier stuff. Thats not to say its not good, but just that its different from the newer stuff Ive come to accept, and itll take some getting used to.

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8 thoughts on crap, art!

  1. many times have i wanted to alert my friends to my droppings i have left in the toilet. u know that feeling, the one u have when u know u have created something truely special.

  2. fuck yeah

    the one i made today looked like a larger version of a dog turd you know the ones that break up into several straight logs and pile up perfectly.

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