the future is now!

Posted on December 28, 2005

Take a look at this site. I believe it's the wave of the future.*

Things to note while viewing the site:

  • The detailed description of "Future Island.*"
  • The use of inappropriate capital letters, such as in the sentence, "At This Time We Do not solicit New Ideas because We Don't Have The Resources To do So."
  • The fact that everything on the site is a "service mark."
  • The fact that Kent Anderson has many inventions, including a method of cooking pizza with the crust in the center (whatever that means), a "restaurant simulated time ship" (for time traveling entertainment), and a strobe light for car tires (that wouldn't be annoying).

Kent Anderson - trying to change the world from Bismarck, North Dakota. Good luck Kent! Kent Anderson

* a registered service mark/trade mark of kent anderson. picture and quotes from

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