Magner's Remedies

Remedy Page # Effective For
Salt 808-9 Inflammation; congestion; toothache; sore throat; hay fever; sensitive, bleeding gums; slight bleeding; dyspepsia; vomiting
Hot Water 809-10 Bruises; congestion; rheumatism; sore throat; headache; toothache; neuralgia; constipation; dyspepsia; dysentery; cough, cold, asthma, croup; flatulence; colic
Garlic 810 Whooping-cough; cough; cold; asthma; worms
Blackberry 810 Diarrhea; dysentery
Burdock 811 Skin diseases
Camphor 811 Rheumatism; enlarged joints; bruises; sprains; colic; diarrhea; cold
Black Elder 811 Burns; scalds; wounds; sores; rheumatism; gout; skin diseases; constipation
Alum 811 Bleeding (incl. nosebleeds); pimples; offensive sweating
Borax 811 Pimples; sore nipples
Bonset (Thoroughwort) 812 Malaria; chills; fever
Catnip 812 Cold; headache
Cinnamon 812 Vomiting; colic; diarrhea; toothache
Dogwood 812 Fever
Hops 812-13 Induces sleep; bruises; sprains; injuries; hernia
Juniper 813 Dropsy; skin diseases
Lobelia 813 Asthma; cough
Horseradish 814 Hoarseness; dropsy; rheumatism; palsy
Flaxseed 814 Cough; cold; bowel, kidney, bladder disorders
Dandelion 814 Chronic biliousness; liver inflammation; constipation; cough
Ginger 814 Colic; diarrhea; indigestion; bowel trouble
Lemon-Juice 814 Cold; dropsy; influenza; inflammatory rheumatism
Kerosene Oil 815 Rheumatic pain; sciatica; neuralgia; burns; scalds; sprains; bruises; sores
Pennyroyal 815 Cough; cold
Mustard 815 Induces vomiting; dyspepsia; constipation
Lime 815-16 Croup; diphtheria; whooping-cough; itching; stomach wind
Olive-Oil 816 Bowel irritation; colic; skin diseases
Mandrake (May-Apple) 816 Laxative
Ribworth 816 Wound healing
Magnesia 816 Stomach acidity; colic; dyspepsia
Oak-Bark 816-17 Fever; diarrhea; bleeding from the lungs; skin diseases; pain relief
Rhubarb 817 Stomach wind; measles
Snakeroot 817 Sore throat; measles; scarlet fever; cold; rheumatism
Peppermint 817 Neuralgia; colic; cholera
Senna 817 Costiveness
Sassafras 817 Dysentery; bladder inflammation; eye inflammation
Wild Cherry 817-18 Weakness; poor digestion; lack of appetite; nervousness; cough
Baking Soda 818 Sour stomach; heartburn; water-brash; diarrhea
Sulphur 818 Chronic rheumatism; itching; constipation
Shave Grass 818 Old injuries; putrid wounds; ulcers; pain relief; diuretic
Red Pepper 818 Delirium tremens; sea-sickness
Sweet-Flag 819 Stomach, bowel pain
Willow 819 Fever
Sage 819 Flatulence; stomach wind; cold; night sweat
Saltpeter (Nitrate of Potash) 819 Inflammatory rheumatism; sore throat; asthma; dysentery; gravel; skin diseases; fever; diuretic