Magner's Medicines

Medicine Page # Description Dosage
Carbolic acid 789 Antiseptic, disinfectant; kills animalcules; preservative Horses/Cattle: 15-20 drops, Sheep/Pigs: 5-8 drops, Dogs: 1-2 drops
Chlorid of Lime (Bleaching Powder) 790 Stimulant; deodorizor of unhealthy wounds; disinfectant; prevents rats Horses: 1-2 drachms, Cattle: 2-4 drachms, Sheep: 1 drachm, Dogs: 2-5 grains
Ammonia (Spirits of Hartshorn) 790 Treats several diseases (incl. flu, pneumonia); stimulant; antacid; relieves stings from bees, wasps (Repeat dose 2-3 hours) Horses: 2-6 drachms, Cattle: 2-10 drachms, Sheep/Pigs: 1 drachm, Dogs: 5-12 drops
Carbonate of Ammonia 790 Less irritating than ammonia hydrate; treats puerperal apoplexy in cows Horses: 2-4 drachms, Sheep/Pigs: 15-40 grains, Dogs: 3-8 grains
Opium 791 Stimulant; restorative; treats many abdominal and bowel-related illnesses (Given as tincture of laudanum) Horses/Cattle: 1-3 ounces, Sheep/Pigs: 2-4 drachms
Aconite 791 Sedative (neg. chronotropic, inotropic effects); controls inflammation, fever (Usually Flemming's tincture employed) Horse: 7-10 drops, Cattle: 20-30 drops, Calves/Sheep: 6-12 drops
Chloroform 791-2 Reduces nervous system activity (anesthesia); acts as rubefacient externally Give to horse on sponge
Chlorodyne 792 Pain reliever (Mixture) 10 parts each: chloroform, ether, Indian hemp, morphine; 2 parts: capsicum tincture, prussic acid; 3 parts: aconite, hyoscyamus tinctures; 1 part: peppermint oil; 5 parts: hydrochloric acid; 50 parts: simple syrup
Croton Oil/Croton Seeds 792 Relieves constipation in cattle Horses: 36 grains of the seed or 15-25 drops oil, Cattle: 20 seeds or 1/2-2 drachms oil, Sheep: 4 seeds, Pigs: 3 seeds (5-10 drops oil for sheep/pigs)
Common Salt 792-3 Restorative; stimulates digestion; antiseptic; refrigerant; kills parasites Ox/Cattle: 3/4-1 pound, Sheep: 1-3 ounces
Iodin 793 Treats skin diseases Horses: 20 grains-1 drachm, Cattle: 1/2-1 1/2 drachms, Sheep: 15-40 grains, Pigs: 10-20 grains, Dogs: 3-8 grains
Iron 793 Restorative; general tonic, astringent Horses: 1-3 drachms, Cattle: 2-4 drachms, Sheep: 20-30 grams, Dogs: 5-10 grams
Saltpeter (Nitrate of Potash) 793-4 Diuretic; antiseptic; stimulant; refrigerant; fever reducer (As diuretic) Horses: 1/2-1 ounce, Cattle: 1-2 ounces, Sheep: 1-2 drachms, Pigs: 1/2-1 drachm
Sweet Spirits of Niter 794 Stimulant; treats typhoid fever, other diseases; antispasmodic (As stimulant/antispasmodic) Horses: 1-2 ounces, Sheep: 2-4 drachms, Pigs: 1-2 drachms
Aloes (Barbadoes) 794 Purgative (more effective in horses than cattle); treats constipation, indigestion Horses: 2-8 drachms, Cattle: 1-2 ounces, Sheep: 1/2-1 ounce, Pigs: 2-5 drachms
Acetic Acid (Vinegar) 795 Stimulant; antiseptic; antiparasitic None given
Sulphate of Copper (Blue Stone) 795 Astringent; antiseptic (As tonic) Horses: 1-2 drachms, Cattle: 1-4 drachms, Sheep: 20-30 grains, Pigs: 5-10 grains, Dogs: 1/4-2 grains
Creosote 795 (In wood/peat smoke); treats several diseases in cattle (incl. indigestion, bronchitis, skin disease); antiseptic Horses: 20-40 drops, Cattle: 1/2-2 drachms, Sheep: 10-20 drops, Pigs: 5-10 drops
Linseed 796 Treats colic; purgative (As purgative) Horses: 1 pint, Cattle: 1-2 pints, Sheep/Pigs: 6-8 ounces
Tobacco 796 Treats colic; antiparasitic (incl. worms, ticks) Horses/Cattle: 1-2 drachms, Sheep: 10-20 grains
Lime 796-7 Antacid; prevents indigestion flatulence, diarrhea Horses/Cattle: 4-5 ounces, Sheep/Pigs: 2 drachms-1 ounce
Mustard 797 Pain reliever; blisters None given
Nitric Acid 798 Stimulant; antiseptic; removes warts, growths Horses/Cattle: 1-2 drachms, Sheep/Pigs: 10-20 drops, Dogs: 2-10 drops
Gentian Root 798 Promotes salivary/gastric secretions; treats febrile colds in horses Combined with other medicines (see text)
Ginger 798-9 Irritant; stimulates mucous membranes; increases digestion Horses: 4 drachms-1 ounce, Cattle: 1-3 ounces, Sheep: 1-2 drachms, Pigs: 1/2-1 drachm
Sulphate of Zinc 799 Stimulant; astringent (As astringent) Horses/Cattle: 1-3 drachms, Sheep: 10-20 grains
Oxid of Zinc 799 Desicant; stimulant; astringent None given
Soda 799-800 Carbonate/bicarbonate are antacids; increase fat digestion (x2 for bicarb) Horses/Cattle: 2-6 drachms, Sheep/Pigs: 20-40 grains
Castor Oil 800 Treats digestive organs; purgative Horses/Cattle: 1 pint, Sheep/Pig: 2-4 ounces, Dogs: 1-2 ounces
Tar 800 (Mainly used externally); stimulant; diuretic; treats foot-rot in sheep; good for healing; antiseptic; antiparasitic None given
Water 802-5 Diverse uses (see text) None given
Areca-Nut (Betel-Nut) 805 Antiparasitic Horses: 4-6 drachms, Dogs: 15 grains-2 drachms
Kamela 806 Treats tapeworms in humans Cattle: 1-2 ounces, Sheep: 2-4 drachms
Pomegranate Root Bark 806 Treats worms (As powder) Cattle: 1-2 ounces, Sheep: 2-4 drachms
Catechu 806 Astringent; treats diarrhea Cattle: 2-4 drachms, Sheep/Pigs: 1-2 drachms